We believe that self-care should feel good, and frankly it should be fun, am I right?  
Whether you are new to self care or a seasoned professional, we are here for you! 
We want you to feel empowered when you're shopping with us. By taking the taboo out of sexual wellness and mood altering products, organizing classes and workshops, and sharing our irl experiences, you'll always be informed and excited at Go Easy.
Quality and safety are two of our top priorities, and we are always in search of the best products out there. Go Easy currently carries over 35 brands that support small businesses from all over the country.
At the heart of what we do is owner Molly Mathias’s own passion for self-care. Go Easy was born from her desire to bring a brick and mortar shop to the Dallas area dedicated to self-care no matter your size, skin color, or sexuality.
Molly believes you should take care of yourself first, whether that means taking a bath, eating a whole pizza, or getting high, you should be able to prioritize self healing.
Just know that, we are so glad that you are here, and can’t wait to continue operating from a place of curiosity, and meaningful and open conversations!