Go Easy

Go Easy 50mg CBD Gummy


The #selfcareandchill game has entered a new level 👀 - ascend to new heights with our Go Easy Gummies. 🍒

Feeling frantic or experiencing some aches would really ruin any day 🥴 Why not take the edge off with our 50 MG CBD gummies so you'll be feeling chill in no time! 🙌

Packed with our formula of Cherry, Lime, and Cola, 🍒these delicious flavors will ensure that you won’t be left with a herbal aftertaste. Don’t worry, you won’t need any water nearby to wash your mouth out, girl! Only good flavors allowed at Go Easy 😇

So get ready to ascend into a chill state of mind and still take on the day!



10 Gummies per pack

50 mg broad spectrum CBD per gummy

ingredients; sugar, corn syrup, pectin, citric acid, flavoring, coloring, palm oil, CBD Distillate

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