Go Easy

Go Easy 5mg D9 Gummy Watermelon Limeade


The #selfcareandchill game has entered a new level 👀 - ascend to new heights with our Go Easy Gummies.  😇

Maybe you don’t want to go too high and want something in-between? Lets stay on earth this time bb! 🌎

With our 5 MG D9 gummies, you’ll hover but won’t float too far. Coupled with our delicious Watermelon Limeade flavor🍉, it's a little sour and a little tart and a whole lot to love. No gross aftertaste with our gummies!

Perfect for newcomers to edibles or Delta 9 as well, as this is more of a dipping the toe into the pool, rather than a full-on plunge into the deep end.🤿

These gummies WILL get you high, so remember you can always take more but NOT less besties! We recommend trying your first gummy in a comfy place at home 😇

We know its tempting to eat the whole package, but we recommend starting with 1 gummy and waiting an hour to see how you feel 💖


10 Gummies per pack

5 mg D9 per gummy

ingredients; sugar, corn syrup, pectin, citric acid, flavoring, coloring, palm oil, delta 9 distillate

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